Short Stories

Of Earth and Ashes

Of Earth and Ashes by Dean M. King was published in 2020 by the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers in their flagship anthology, “Erie Tales Unlucky Thirteen.”

Young Robbie Porter had had enough of the Boyle Twins. Desperate to end their cruel bullying, he turns to the Dark Web for the perfect revenge plan. Then, on Friday the thirteenth, under a full moon, Robbie mixes human ashes, blood, and mud from his backyard and creates a horrific creature to do his dark bidding. Get your copy today on Amazon.

Dark Dossier Issue 33

April 2019 Features The Damned Drive Fast by Dean M. King. Billy Blystone has faith in his 1955 Chevrolet BelAir and is willing to put it to the test when a 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser driven by an even more mysterious young man appears out of nowhere one dark and stormy night and challenges him to a race.

Scary Snippets Christmas Edition

Scary Snippets Christmas Edition, Suicide House Publishing, 2019, features The Stray by Dean M. King. It was just a barn cat; a stray brought that cold Christmas Eve into the house. The next day Gunnar Christiansen would find a bloody mess on his front lawn.